Who is ahni zoe?

1382993205creative memoriesWho is ahni & Zoe? It is many things. It is the Creative Memories new name for starts; but it is a lot more than just a new name. ahni & zoe represents all of us. And literally translates into “beautiful life”. And each of us has our own unique path that life has taken us down. At times it hasn’t seemed to be very beautiful but in hindsight when we look back at those ugly patches we become aware how even the ugliness becomes part of what makes us who are  and adds to the beauty of the journey. It is still, as it always has been, the mission of Creative Memories; now as ahni & zoe, to help you preserve your memories forever. It has been my special privilege as a consultant to help people find their stories and put them in an album they can be proud to pass down. Together we will continue to do just that in a more contemporary and easier form.

If you are like most people then you probably have a digital camera, picture phone, endless numbers of pictures downloaded to your computer but the idea of spending hours downloading, and sorting through endless pictures is not exactly fun and can be counter productive or nearly impossible to think about if you have a bunch of little ones running round your ankles. ahni and zoe have the answer to your problem. They have designed an app currently only available to  the apple iphones but will be released to all your devices in early 2014. I am particularly excited about this app for so many reasons. How many moms actually carry their camera everywhere they go? Face it, unless I know I am definantly taking pictures I am not about to try juggling two small kids, purse, diaper bag, assorted blankies, binkies and car keys and then just for the sake of IF we want to take pics, a camera too! I use my cell phone for the on the fly omg gotta have a pic situations. What do you do with those pictures? You immediately banish them to someplace online to store them safely away. With the inawink app by ahni & zoe will allow you to take your photos, edit them from your phone and then send them directly to your printer at home. Now when you get home your photo is ready to be framed or put into your album. It is that simple and fast. ahni & zoe like to say snap to finnish and I think you can see why!

They have two kinds of albums that I will talk more about shortly as I want to be able to make samples of the various ways you can use these albums. I think you will be surprised by the many uses you can get from them. All of the ahni & zoe products are made here in the USA, so if you love to scrapbook but wish you could support your country while supporting your habit, now you can. The tape runner is made in Denmark.  The Fast to fabulous albums are still available and they have a few different ways you can use them. i will be showing you more of this soon. I really want to put it in video format so you can see it for yourself as I work through the album. But these are designed to make it faster and easier for you to get an album started and finished faster. If you have never made an album before and don’t know how to begin then you will love these albums. But if you are one of those like me who loves the creativity of traditional scrapbooking then watch for future posts and video because you may be surprised how flexible these are. The other albums are slide in albums and they have different possabilities as well. I am anxious for november to arrive so we can get to our grand opening as Scrap Happy Girls of ahni & zoe! I will have a newsletter available each month with classes and events and tips for you. If you would like to subscribe to it just like us on facebook and let us know you want our newsletter.